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Mick Simpson - Unfinished Business

Mad Ears Productions


By Frank Schatorjé


Late 80s Mick Simpson was discovered by Elkie Brooks , who took him in her band . From that moment his career wings . His music has been used in several prominent Hollywood films such as Three Men and A Baby. " He played on the 80th anniversary of BB King , among many other variables . He toured with Gary Moore and Snowy White , two guitarists who have influenced him greatly in terms of game. He won several prizes , which gave him an extra boost . He was also part of Bill Wyman 's Rhythm Kings . Not for nothing two quotes were conferred upon him by BB King "One of the most Passionate Performers I've Seen " and Bill Wyman "A Real Education Watching This Guy Play" .


' Unfinished Business ' is his 3rd solo album . An album , what is true for his money , more than an hour quality blues rock , with lots of solos and outstanding on the Gary Moore reads shod tracks like ' You Gotta Change' , ' Left Me With The Blues ' and' Drowning My Tears . " He opens the CD with a whooping guitar sound in ' Trouble Brewing ' . Sometimes there are some more poppy tracks over, but the blues predominates in various styles . Acoustic in ' Playing The Loosing Hand' and he knows to call in " Traveling Man." The feel of an authentic Juke Joint on Equally confusing " Shelter from The Storm ' apparently a Bob Dylan cover, but this is not true . The title is the agreement on their own text and arrangement.


All tracks are original compositions by Mick Simpson and / or its producer Andy Littlewood . Blues rock with the purity of a mature guitarist , a musician with a lot of stage experience . This is not ' Unfinished Business ' but real "Finished Business " ! I 'm curious about its operations 'On Stage' .

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